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Visual Arts, Handcrafts and Photography

Unleash your inner artist and creative genius with our Visual Arts, Handcrafts and Photography courses

Photography: Capture the perfect sunset, paint with your camera, and master both traditional and digital photography techniques with Byron Community College. If you have an eye for stunning images, you’ll discover the perfect course to frame your creativity and produce breathtaking photographs. Let your visual storytelling skills shine!

Visual Arts: Become a visual artist or designer, or simply explore your creativity through our engaging and fun courses in painting, drawing, screen printing, art history and Floristry

Handcrafts: Discover the beauty of crafting as you explore various mediums, from fabric to clay, metal to mosaic. Our hands-on courses include pottery, sculpture, knitting, crochet, basket weaving, sewing, jewellery making, welding and sooo many more.

At Byron Community College, we’re all about nurturing your creative spirit, no matter where you are on your artistic journey.

Our experienced tutors will guide you through key techniques that unlock your artistic potential. Plus, these some of these courses are nationally-recognised and fee-free and can be your stepping stone to further professional training in visual art.

Advanced Floristry

30 May - 20 June 2024, 4 x Thursdays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Each week offers the opportunity to learn and create a different floral design ranging from professionally wired flower crowns to stunning modern bouquets and unique statement arrangements‚ all of which are yours to take home and enjoy for the remainder of the week.

Art of Paper & Print

29 April - 24 June 2024, 8 x Mondays (No class 10 June)
9.30am to 3.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Art of Paper & Print is an introductory course into several ways to make Prints. This 8 week practical course will explore drawing and the creative possibilities of transposing drawings into mono-prints and relief-prints. 

Basket Weaving with Ella Galea

3 x Fri, 7 - 21 June or 3 x Fri, 6 September - 20 September 
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, $280

Learn how to create beautiful baskets using natural fibres from plants that grow around us. You will learn how to recognise, gather and prepare local plants for weaving then be shown basic weaving techniques. This is a great way for people to come together and share their creative ideas. It's fun and very relaxing, but be warned, it's addictive! Additional materials $20.


Book Binding with Susan Wright

Sat, 18 May
9am - 1pm, Mullum, $145

Immerse yourself in the art of bookbinding in our comprehensive workshop as you learn to make a hard cover journal using coptic stitch. Discover the intricacies of different techniques for binding, stitching signatures, and selecting materials like handmade paper for covers and high-quality paper for pages. You'll also stitch a small notebook, leaving with two beautifully handcrafted books and newfound bookbinding skills.

Botanical Blueprints with Katie Alleva

2 x Sat, 22 - 29 June
12.30pm to 4.30pm, Mullum, $240

Embark on a creative journey with our Cyanotype Imagery course, a photographic art form dating back to the 19th century, originally used for documenting botanical specimens. Join local artist Katie as she imparts her expertise in crafting stunning botanical blueprints on paper using this ancient technique. Be inspired by the groundbreaking work of 19th-century botanist Anna Atkins and weave your own artistic narrative through the lens of cyanotype magic. Unleash your creativity in this unique exploration of photographic history.

Butter Knife Carving with Kim Winton

Sat, 15 June​
10am to 3pm, Mullum, $190
Discover the art of carving as you learn how to select and prepare greenwood timber for small woodwork projects. We will dive into a spectrum of traditional knife grip techniques, mastering the safe use of a sloyd knife to craft your unique wooden butter knife. Learn the secrets of applying food-safe finishes like oils, waxes, and paints, adding a personal touch to your creations. Elevate your carving skills in a journey that merges tradition with practicality.

Crochet For Beginners with Stefanie Kwiatkista

Crochet is meditative, relaxing and lots of fun. Use basic crochet stitches and different textured yarns to create a beautiful scarf and another simple garment to take home. When you get hooked you can't stop.
Visual Arts Certificate III image

CUA31120 - Certificate III in Visual Arts

Visual Arts Certificate III image
With Trainer Virginia Reid.

2024 intake is now closed for applications. The next intake will be in 2025.
Please enquire to be added to the waitlist.

Are you ready to unleash your artistic potential? Dive into the vibrant world of visual arts, craft, and design with our nationally recognised qualification.
With a focus on developing a diverse range of visual art skills, you'll have the opportunity to take charge of your own creative journey while receiving expert guidance and support from industry professionals. From mastering drawing techniques to exploring the fascinating realms of art theory and history, you'll gain the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic arts industry.
Discover the joy of producing stunning paintings, sculptures, prints, and digital images while honing your creativity and expression. Our hands-on approach ensures that you not only learn the fundamentals of artistry but also cultivate your unique style and vision.
Join us and embark on a transformative learning experience where you'll contribute to the health and safety of yourself and others, document your creative progress, and unleash your boundless imagination. Enrol now and let your artistic journey begin!

Dreaming in Colour 2

9 May - 27 June 2024, 8 x Thursdays
9.30am to 3.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*
Are you interested in exploring painting in a style between realism and abstraction?

Floristry Intermediate

3 - 24 May 2024, 4 x Fridays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Each week offers the opportunity to learn and create a different floral design ranging from professionally wired flower crowns to stunning modern bouquets and unique statement arrangements, all of which are yours to take home and enjoy for the remainder of the week.

Get Your Camera Off Auto with Nelly Le Comte

4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June or
4 x Tue, 27 August - 17 September

9.30am - 12.30pm, Byron $240

Do you own an amazing DSLR and it's still on Auto? Let me teach you how to use your DSLR camera to its full potential. We will work with aperture and exposure going beyond auto or program mode. Based on weekly theory classes and fun assignments, you will learn how to capture better images, improve week by week, and end up with great shots that you are happy to share with others as you become more confident with your camera. This course is suited to introductory/intermediate DSLR users.

Hand Building Ceramics Introduction with Lauren Siemonsma

4 x Tue, 4 June - 25 June or
4 x Tues, 30 July - 20 August 
5.30pm - 7.30pm, Mullum, $420

Ochre's Hand Building workshop is a beautiful 'entree' into the world of clay. Come and sip tea and coffee while being guided through all the basics of hand building in our beautiful light-filled studio. You will learn how to make a pinch pot, coil, slab build, attach handles, legs, etc...even how to glaze and decorate your beautiful pieces.

Indigo Dye and Shibori with Anne Leon

Sat & Sun, 1 & 2 June
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $295
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Indigo and Shibori in this exciting workshop! Discover the traditional Shibori techniques of Arashi, Bomaki (pole wrapping), Itajime (clamping), as well as stitching, binding, and wrapping to craft stunning patterns. Plus, master the art of creating an Indigo vat quickly, without the usual weeks-long wait for maturation. Unlock the secrets of Indigo and Shibori with us! Additional materials $50

Inspirational Sewing with Annie Martin

6 x Wed, 21 August - 25 September
6pm - 8.30pm, Byron, $295

Be Inspired and learn lots of sewing techniques to take your sewing to the next level!! Learn how to sew in a zip, make buttonholes and sew buttons, shirring, appliqué, rouching, piping, roule and use of overlocker. Students can then apply techniques to a garment. Students must have some sewing skill or have completed Sewing for Beginners.

Introduction to Floristry

2 - 23 May 2024, 4 x Thursdays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0* 

Interested in learning about floristry? This 4 week introduction course will step you through the process of creating a variety of floristry designs.

Knitting For Beginners

Learn knitting the European way! An efficient and faster way of knitting, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Over the 3 sessions you will learn basic knitting techniques including how to cast on and off, knit and pearl stitches as well as how to decrease and increase stitches whilst creating a simple piece like a scarf, wrap of baby blanket.

Life Drawing Sessions with Katie Alleva

4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June
6pm to 8pm, Mullum, $200

A life drawing session with a twist. Our life model won't be entirely nude. A hands-on experience with drawing and honing observation skills of the figure drawn from life. Teacher facilitated warm up session, drawing "timed" warmups, leading to longer timed drawing sessions of the figure.

Lino Block Printing with Potts

Sat, 8 June
10am to 4pm, Mullum, $160

Many printmaking processes require some serious expertise and equipment. But lino block printing is amongst the easiest method out there and can be done from home using a few basic tools. This course is perfect for you if you want to try printmaking for the first time, no drawing experience needed. Join us in a supportive and empowering environment to explore a new skill. Additional materials $35.

Natural Plant Dye and Shibori with Anne Leon

Sat & Sun, 15 & 16 June
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $295

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of natural dyeing and Shibori techniques in this hands-on workshop. Explore the magic of extracting vibrant colours and intricate imprints from plants such as leaves, flowers, and roots. Learn various Shibori methods, including stitching, clamping, folding, twisting, and compressing, to create mesmerizing patterns on fabric. Unleash your creativity and discover the artistry of botanical dyeing with us! Additional materials $50.

Photography - Your Personal Vision

6 x Wed, 14 August - 18 September
6pm - 9pm, Mullum, $360
This six-week course is designed for any photographer with a passion to go deeper in their practice and improve their skills of effective image making. Students will be encouraged to explore various photographic styles to help define their unique visual path, with a goal to recognise their individual vision and find their voice when it comes to taking photos. Students with all levels of experience are welcome.

Plant Life Drawing 2

10 May - 28 June 2024, 8 x Fridays
9.30am to 3.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Plant Life Drawing 2 will extend your creative focus as we explore the work of significant artists while studying plants and natural forms through a variety of mediums and processes.

Playful Painting Weekend with Melanie Dilday

Saturday, 7 September, 9.30am to 4.30pm, 
Mullum, $150
There will be dancing, splashing, spraying, scraping, dripping, laughing and a head-over-heels love affair with colour. Each of us will be painting on our own canvas, adding new layers, in a fun and encouraging environment. Rediscover your enthusiasm for creativity and uncover painting talents you never knew you had. Additional $30 for materials

Portrait Painting with Ash Darq

Sat, 18 May or
Sat, 24 Aug,
9am - 5pm, Mullum, $215

Are you keen to start painting portraits? Do you already paint people but would like to improve on your realism?

From the subtle curve of a smile to the piercing gaze of the eyes, portrait painting has long been revered as a timeless art form, transcending generations and cultures.

Sculptural Metalwork with Nyree Smith

Sat & Sun, 20 & 21 July
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $470

In this sculpture class you’ll explore different metalworking techniques in a safe and fun environment. These include, cutting, fixing (including welding) and forming metal, depending on the design you choose. This class is a logical choice if you are a previous welding student or existing hobbyist who wants to expand your artistic and practical skill base. Also, novices who want a safe “taste” of metalwork, are also encouraged to participate.

Sewing For Beginners with Annie Martin

6 x Tue, 14 May - 18 June or 
6 x Wed, 15 May - 19 June or
6 x Tue, 20 August - 24 September

6pm to 8.30pm, Byron Bay, $295

For the complete beginner to gain confidence and learn all the sewing basics e.g. patterns, cutting, machines and overlockers. Make a simple garment in a fun, stimulating and creative environment. You will need to phone the tutor on enrolment to discuss pattern and material choice.

Silver Jewellery - An Introduction with Michelle Walker

Sat and Sun, 25 & 26 May
or Sat & Sun, 15 & 16 June or
Sat & Sun, 27 - 28 July or
Sat & Sun, 10 - 11 August,

9am to 5pm, Mullum, $320

Learn the fundamentals of making silver jewellery with this weekend workshop. This introductory course covers the key skills you need for precious metal work; perfect for anyone keen to start the journey of jewellery design and making. You can expect to complete two or three pieces of finished jewellery. Additional materials fee $90.

Tufting Rug Making Workshop for Beginners with Kelly Hunt

Sun, 2 June, 9am - 5pm, Mullum, $300

Create your very own unique rug in this tufting rug making course. We will show you the basics of operating a tufting gun and within minutes, you'll be creating your very own designer rug. We will use new and recycled yarns, creating one off pieces! Come have some fun!

Watercolour: Light, Bright, Fresh with Harry Westera

2 x Sat, 22 - 29 June
9.30am - 4.30pm, Byron, $310

Light, Bright and Fresh are natural qualities of the translucent, flowing medium of watercolour painting. But sometimes our tones and colours can look muddy and overworked, washed out or too dark. Over two Saturdays, we will look at the processes, techniques, colours and mindset which help to better express the vitality and beauty of this versatile medium. Suitable for all levels of experience. All materials supplied.

Welding & Metal Fabrication with Nyree Smith

Sat & Sun, 29 & 30 June or Sat & Sun, 5 & 6 October
9am to 4pm, Mullum, $470

Learn to build and repair tubular steel frames with a MIG welder! Experienced welders and novices alike have the opportunity to learn and practice welding tubular steel, both painted and galvanised. Also included is an introduction to techniques and tricks of the trade needed to construct in tubular steel, so you can start planning your own projects for furniture, gates, railings, or repairing the trailer etc.

Welding Introduction with Nyree Smith

Sat & Sun, 22 & 23 June or Sat & Sun, 28 & 29 September
9am to 5pm, Mullum, $470

If you’ve always wanted to learn electric welding but have never had the opportunity, or you may simply want to hone your welding skills, then here’s your chance. Let metal artisan / fabricator, Nyree, take you on a journey to greater independence and practical, creative empowerment through the amazing world of metalwork!