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Music, Performance and Dance

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Whether you’re an aspiring artist, are working on your personal growth or simply bursting with creative energy, we’ve got the perfect courses waiting for you.

Picture this: You could be strumming your first chords on a guitar, perfecting dance moves that amaze, or crafting a stand-up routine that leaves the crowd in stitches. And the best part? You’ll be guided by passionate and experienced tutors who are eager to fuel your creative fire.

So, if you’re ready to explore the world of music, dance or other forms of artistic expression, this is the place to be. Your creative journey starts here, and we’re here to make it unforgettable!

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African Dance

5 x Thu, 6 June - 4 July
6pm to 7.15pm, Mullum, $150

African Dance is earthy, rhythmic and dynamic. Feel the energising and uplifting rhythms and gain a deep sense of connection to the earth and a greater sense of grounding.  Learn pulsating movements of the pelvis and torso in an African contemporary tribal style approach to dance. Very uplifting, high vibes and fun. 

Afro-Cuban Percussion

8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
6.30pm to 8.00pm,
Mullum, $270 

Find your fire with the ancient drums and rhythm patterns of traditional Afro-Cuban Percussion (aka Salsa/Rumba). Immerse yourself in a whole new world, discovering the traditions behind the instruments and learning how to play each rhythm in time in this introductory course.

Bellydance Bliss

6 x Mon, 13 May - 24 June (no class 10 June), 
5pm - 6.15pm, South Golden Beach, $180

Threading ancient arts of both bellydance and yoga to restore balance bringing joy to the mind , body and soul. You will learn fundamental movements creating strength, flexibility and space for exploration within your body. Suitable for beginners and beyond.


8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
5.00pm to 6.30pm, Mullum, $270

Uncover the rhythmic beats of the Cajón! It appears as a wooden box, but if you learn to touch it, will transforms into a drum kit at your fingertips. This course will guide you step by step from the basic sounds to the groove and rhythm that will give you the freedom to play in any song, genre or jam session you desire.

Castanets Introduction

6 x Mon, 20 May - 1 July
5pm - 6.30pm, Byron, $190

Keep the rhythm alive! Castanets can bring joy and excitement to all ages. Accessible to everyone, castanets offer a fun and engaging activity. Whether you're looking to explore new rhythms or simply enjoy the music, castanets provide an entertaining experience for all.

Flamenco dance

6 x Mon, 20 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
6.30pm - 8pm, Byron, $190

Join us for this beginners flamenco dance class. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Guitar 2 - Unlocking Your Guitar

6 x Wed, 8 May - 12 June, 
7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $240pp

This course will suit you if you are a reasonably confident beginner rather than a novice; can already play through some songs; or have already completed Karl's Beginner's course. What happens for a lot of us is we get to the stage of being able to play a few songs, but then get a bit stuck, and don't know where to go next. What can easily happen then is that we get bored playing the same old things and not progressing. Karl has a bunch of cool things to show you that will enable you to break through that. Additional materials $10.

Guitar 3 - Breaking Through

In this course, we will be 'breaking through' and bridging the gap from confident intermediate player to competent musician. If you're bored with your guitar playing, this course is for you! This course is designed for the intermediate player who wants to advance. To benefit fully from this course you will need to be able to play confidently both open position and barre chords. Additional materials $10.

Guitar For Beginners

6 x Tue, 7 May - 11 June
7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $240

If you're one of the millions who bought a guitar, learned three chords (or less), got frustrated, and hasn't picked up the guitar since, this class is for you! This is a fresh start, a chance to get over those 'beginner's blues' and actually get to play stuff and enjoy it. So dust off your guitar, bring it along and join in. But be warned, you may well find you'll acquire a lifelong addiction to playing your guitar. Additional materials $10.

Guitar Improvisation and Chord Extensions for the 12 Bar Blues

3 x Wed, 5 - 19 June
5pm - 7pm, Mullum, $160 

Time to unpack the language of the Blues. This course will cover practical uses and applications for guitarists through both Major and Minor tonalities with a focus on chord voicings and inversions.

We will cover key scales and tonalities that incorporate improvising elements featured in Jazz, folk, delta and Chicargo Blues.

Many finger picking techniques will be demonstrated and a in depth look at the right hand technique.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced.This is a practical, hands on guitar workshop.


7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $320

Whether you're a beginner to harmonica or looking to elevate your playing, this course is your key to unlocking the harmonica's musical magic and enhancing your overall performance. Join us on a harmonious journey of skill enhancement as we dive into the fundamentals of harmonica playing, focusing on refining your technique. Maximize the full potential of this versatile instrument as you fine-tune your skills.

Improv Comedy Long-Form Lvl 1

4 x Mon, 3 - 24 June
6pm - 8pm, Mullum, $160

Dive into the world of laughter and spontaneity with our improv comedy course! Unleash your creativity, boost confidence, and sharpen quick wit through hilarious games and exercises. Discover the art of on-the-spot storytelling, character building, and teamwork. Join us for a laughter-packed journey, where every moment becomes a comedy masterpiece!

Piano/keyboad for Beginners

8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
3.30pm to 5pm, Mullum, $270

Embark on a musical journey with our beginner-friendly course introducing piano/keyboard fundamentals. Perfect for those with little to no experience, you'll grasp music notation, locate notes, and master chords and scales. Gain essential skills to start playing simple songs. Instruments and learning materials are provided for a seamless learning experience. Unleash your musical potential today!

Radio Broadcasting/Podcasting

8 x Wed, 8 May - 26 June
6pm to 8pm, Byron Bay, $420
Whether you're creating a Radio Show, Podcast or both, you'll need quality content!
This fun, hands-on course gives a broad overview of content creation including structuring a show, scripting, interviewing, basic editing, presenting, media law and more. It includes two sessions in the Bay FM studios offering basic panel training and recording time. Join Bay FM's Sista Rasela and explore a world of audio possibilities!
Mandy Nolan Stand Up Comedy course

Standup Comedy

Mandy Nolan Stand Up Comedy course
4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June (performance on 1 July)

6pm to 9pm, Mullum, $240

Learn to become a stand up comedian in just 4 weeks! Great for wannabe comics or just people who want to be more popular!  It's Stand Up Comedy, with local comedian Mandy Nolan. There will be a performance evening at the end of the course (class may contain adult content).