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Food, Language and Culture

Open the door to new cultures and experiences with our Language and Cooking courses at Byron Community College!

Whether you dream of chatting with global friends or exploring exotic destinations, our language courses are your ticket to adventure.

Choose from French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, we have the perfect course for you.

Start your journey today and become a confident, multilingual explorer!

Maybe you imagine yourself as a bit of Master Chef? Envisioning yourself creating exquisite dishes

If your passion lies in preparing sumptuous seafood, crafting dazzling desserts, or mastering the art of vegan cuisine, come and learn the art of cooking from experienced pro’s and local culinary wizards.

Fulfil your appreciation for good food, ignite your cooking creativity and delight those taste buds in our variety of short courses and workshops.

African Dance

5 x Thu, 6 June - 4 July
6pm to 7.15pm, Mullum, $150

African Dance is earthy, rhythmic and dynamic. Feel the energising and uplifting rhythms and gain a deep sense of connection to the earth and a greater sense of grounding.  Learn pulsating movements of the pelvis and torso in an African contemporary tribal style approach to dance. Very uplifting, high vibes and fun. 

An Alternative History of Surfing

Sun, 19 May
9am - 5pm, Byron, $240

In this course we'll explore forgotten surf history both recent and ancient. We'll look beyond the most accepted forms of surfing and discover the fringes and edges that helped shape what surfing is today and we'll look forward to see where modern surfing is headed.
Barista Training

Barista Training

Barista Training
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Making coffee is an art these days, in this course you will learn all you need to know about the history of coffee, different coffee beans, grinding, extracting, texturising milk, coffee styles and how to use a commercial coffee machine. 

Cooking for One

Sat, 15 June
10am - 1pm, Mullum, $160

A cooking class designed specifically for single individuals who want to add deliciousness and punchy flavours to their everyday cooking!

Whether you are a beginner or you just want to enhance your skills you will come away knowing how to liven up your meals with recipes that are short on time but big on flavour.

Learn how to cook dishes such as Chimichurri Steak and Limed Chicken Curry Noodles, and along the way gain valuable hacks and tips to simplify your cooking process.

Digest Your Best: The foundations of a healthy gut

Sat, 18 May 
9am to 4pm, Mullum, $140

Discover the process of implementing the foundations of health to heal your gut so that you can reduce digestive discomfort, gain more energy and participate in the activities you love without using medications, restrictive diets or trial & error.

Finish That Novel

If you've been struggling to complete that memoir, novel or non-fiction book, it may be time to rethink your approach to writing. Using examples from our greatest writers, the author of 21 books offers proven tools and tips to restructure your time, workspace, words and inner-critic, to complete the first draft and get that book done! A fun, conversational workshop for anyone hoping to get to 'The End'.

First Words

6 x Thu, 16 May - 27 June (no class 30 May)
2pm - 5pm, Byron, $360

Though spellbinding in its effects, creative writing itself isn't magical. Whether you've always wanted to write and not known where to start, or just want to start scribbling, we'll make a beginning. Take a peep at attitudes affecting creativity and at what stops us writing. We'll then plunge headlong into sorting story ideas, exploring characters, description and dialogue, learning how to give feedback, and revising and editing.

First Words Advanced

If you enjoy writing and would like to explore it further in a supportive and creative environment where ideas flourish, join us. Whether you want to develop the process of short story writing, or larger projects, this course will be invaluable. Together we will delve into technique and theory, while learning how to develop our stories. We will use constructive feedback, understand the role of the inner critic and touch on research toward publication.

German For Beginners

Enjoy a relaxed introduction to the German language and life in German speaking countries. You will learn basic conversational skills, which are useful when travelling to German speaking countries, as well as basic reading and writing skills.

German Level 2

A continuation of the German for Beginners - Level 1 course or for those who have some basic knowledge of German. Students will learn more reading, writing and conversational skills in a fun atmosphere.

Italian For Beginners

8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July(No class 10 June)
6pm to 8pm, $295

Fascinated by the Italian language? Are you planning a trip to Italy or have an Italian partner or friend? Maybe you are just fond of Italian music and movies and want to learn Italian. Whatever your reasons are, this course is your answer. You will learn this poetic language in a fun and fast way, get great travel tips and cultural insights. No prior knowledge required.

Italian For Beginners Level 2

Improve your basic Italian language skills and enhance your confidence to help you communicate when you travel, when you meet Italian people, or if you simply want to improve your language skills. Come and join us!

Memory Recall - Writing your Life

Sun, 19 May
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $150

Every life story is unique and worth recording. We will use simple physical, relaxation and writing exercises to retrieve our treasure trove of hidden memories for our own personal record and possibly to share with others.

Begin your memoir or just have the time of your life.

Parlez Vous Francais

In this intermediate French conversation course, improve your conversational French through exploring topics with your peers whilst practicing questions and presenting your own view. Ideal if you want to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn more about our spoken language and French culture. Previous exposure to French speaking experiences and good basic grammar and vocabulary are essential for this interactive course.

Self Help For Anxiety

Enjoy the warmth, care and fun of a therapeutic environment while learning proven strategies to reduce uncontrolled worry and anxiety using group work, Mindfulness and CBT strategies, which are proven to be the most effective and empowering tools to get you back on your feet if you are struggling emotionally.

Self-Publishing Overview

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu or 2 - 5 April 2024, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri
10am to 3pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Keen to publish a book? In this relaxed, introductory course, the author of 19 books takes you through some options available for indie authors, from traditional publishers to DIY sites, with a focus on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (where you format your own eBooks and paperbacks). We'll discuss everything from finishing and editing your book, cover design and barcodes, to author bios and online marketing.

So French Level 2

8 x Wed, 8 May - 26 June
6.30-8.30pm, Byron, $295
This is a French class for beginners who have achieved essential foundations. You already know basic grammar, vocabulary and expressions to get to know people in French. You can introduce yourself in the present tense. You have completed 'So French!' Level 1 or you have already learnt French before so that you have gained basic skills to communicate with French speakers. Now, it's time to use those communication skills in class and dive deeper.

SO FRENCH! French Beginners

8 x Tue, 7 May - 25 June
6.30 to 8.30pm, Byron, $295
Taught by a native French speaker, this introductory course is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of French. You will develop a sound basic knowledge of the structure of the language and practice the four basic language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Various authentic and audio-visual material support this integrated approach to language learning.

Spanish For Beginners

8 x Mon, 6 May - 24 June
5.30pm to 7.30pm, Byron Bay, $295

A fun and friendly introduction to the Spanish language, this course will cover pronunciation, understanding and development of vocabulary, basic reading and conversation. Some homework is involved.

Spanish For Beginners - Level Two

8 x Wed, 8 May - 26 June
5.30pm to 7.30pm, Byron Bay, $295

This is a continuation of the Spanish for Beginners course or for those who have a basic knowledge of Spanish. Yolanda will extend your reading, vocabulary and conversational abilities. 

Spanish Intermediate

This is a continuation course of Spanish for beginners level 2. The course is for those who have completed both courses or have an equivalent knowledge of the Spanish language. The main focus of this course is conversation, vocabulary extension and basic grammar, all conducted in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Sushi For Beginners With Keita

Wed, 10 April
Wed, 3 July
10am to 1pm, Mullum, $165

Learn to roll sushi at home like a professional with Keita who has 15 years of experience working in Japan and his new home Australia. In this course you will learn the basics such as how to make sushi rice, hosomaki roll, inside-out roll and hand rolls with Salmon and Veggies. Take your new skills home to enjoy with family and friends.

Tofu and Miso Making with Kiriko

Sat, 13 April
or Sat, 1 June

9am to 2pm, Mullum, $200

A fun vegan cooking workshop where you'll experience traditional Japanese culture making White Miso and fresh ocean water Tofu. Your Chef Kiriko will share recipes from her mother's lineage, and at the end of the workshop you'll take home with you 100g of Tofu, 1Kg of Miso and Soy pulp to enjoy and devour.

Vegan Nut Cheeses and Milk

2pm to 5pm, Billinudgel, $160

Creating yummy, tasty cheese without dairy is easier than you think! Learn to make a spreadable cheese, a bechamel cheesy pasta sauce, parmesan and a feta style cheese, as well as almond mylk and almond flour. Discover how to add different flavours to your cheeses using cashews, walnuts, almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts and seeds. We will sample what we make during the day and you'll get to take home some goodies too.

Vegetables - Integrated Organic Production - PDC

9am to 5pm, Byron Bay, $160

Explore a comprehensive range of Organic Gardening techniques including composting, crop rotation, companion planting and natural pest and disease management. Create a 'no-dig garden' from local, low cost materials and learn about seasonal planting in the humid Subtropics.