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Student Stories

Zachiary Holt - Certificate III & IV in Permaculture

I grew up in Perth and then travelled to the UK for a couple of years, followed by a few in Melbourne and then a year in Africa. This is where I started my studies, completely my Permaculture Design Course. I spent the year travelling and volunteering in South Africa before making my way to Mullumbimby, Northern Rivers.

When I finally moved to Mullum and found out that Byron College ran the Permaculture Certificate III and Certificate IV courses I was thrilled. Even better, the courses were offered funded, and fee-free via the VET program, about the only place in the area to offer this. A big decision maker for me!

The ongoing practical experience in the course, and the awesome trainers who gave heaps of their time and energy made it such a fantastic experience! Completing the Certificate course was a huge achievement for me, the workload is massive, and to make things more challenging I had a new baby at the start of the course, and were also dealing with the Covid lockdowns!
Over the years I worked as a Youth Worker, Hospitality Manager, the Logistics Manager for OzHarvest, and in bush regeneration and as a gardener. But the training has allowed me to shift my work towards Permaculture projects, slowly slowly. Giving me the knowledge and confidence to dive into this sort of work. Now I am teaching Permaculture, at the College! And developing my own little property and community as a Permaculture farm. SO everything feels like it’s coming together, and the dream is becoming a reality.
For anyone thinking about studying at the College, or Permaculture….Go for it! Work less and spend more time just focussed on the learning while you have the opportunity. Really value and prioritise the learning time and opportunity, don’t let life get in the way.