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Student Stories

Anne Fenwick - Certificate III in Individual Support

After spending most of my working career in retail, including 15 years at Dolphin Office Choice in Mullumbimby and Byron, my husband was badly hurt in a work accident, life came into sharp focus and our priorities quickly changed.

As I began to wonder what changes I needed, or could even make, I eventually decided to take long service leave and study the Certificate III in Individual Support. This pathway to a new career would also teach me how to support myself and my husband through his head injury and provide me with something I could focus on that played into my natural love for customer service.

I was absolutely terrified when I started the qualification because I hadn’t done any study since 1983 in high school and did not grow up in an environment where academia was a priority. However, I very quickly learned that there was nothing to be afraid of and so much to gain.

The class atmosphere was fantastic and so fulfilling. The teachers were so approachable and all the students connected so well. We worked together as a team and Di was amazing providing learning support. I learnt so much both in the course and from things I had to teach myself how to do along the way. The training was very hands on so when I graduated I felt very ready to find work because I had confidence in my abilities.

There were challenges I had to face but my fellow students, the tutors and learning support were there to help me any time I needed it. I would recommend studying at the College for anyone who wants a change in career or a new learning path. Don’t feel paralysed by the fear of the unknown. Getting out of your comfort zone and changing your routine, doing something different, shows you can accomplish a lot more than you think you can.

Once I graduated, I put in an application for a job and got it straight away because having the hands-on experience and certified training in this industry is what people are looking for. There are many new possible doorways for me from having completed this certification, but for now I’m still learning on the job and getting to know the industry more in-depth. I now have three private clients and it’s amazing to be able to make positive changes in people’s lives.