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Student Stories

Alice Hoffman-Ross - Certificate III & IV in Permaculture

It’s absolutely amazing that I have ended up finding this passion and studying permaculture. Because up until that time, I had never even really spent any time looking at the ground! But, when an accident put me out of action for 10 months, I had the opportunity to reassess my life and think about what would actually make me happy that would also put some good into the world. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful that also enabled me to work outside so the puzzle was to work out what could encompass both of these things that was also a career I could make money from.

As it turns out, I had heard about permaculture just a year before the accident. I now know that was the planting of a seed that I returned to while recovering. As perfect timing would have it, I was recovered from my accident just in time for the Certificate III in Permaculture to start.

I am still blown away that this is subsidised, accredited, Austudy approved training (which is what made it possible for me to meet my living costs). It is incredible to have had the opportunity to learn about how to live a better life and on a social and emotional level, I have made some really close friends through the course. Our tutors Jules, Sharon and Lauren are absolutely amazing, and Di and Kat have been divine in their support.

I have been exposed to so many people and it’s incredible how they are popping up in other areas of my life, leading me onto fantastic things. I am working as part of an all-female landscape gardening team and have new part-time work in hospitality to further support me as I now complete the Certificate IV in Permaculture. I would love to consult one day about how people can create sustainable systems as we continue to build a community of self-sufficiency. I am now part of a community where we support each other so you feel really held, and this continues on, even after completing the course.

If you are thinking about studying at Bryon Community College, I’d just say give it a go if you feel a passion for a course. They provide an amazing way of learning because of the location, the hands-on teaching and being able to talk to the tutors and support team. It’s so accessible and you don’t feel immense pressure. It really has changed my life.