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Compost Workshop with Alice Hoffman Ross and Dan Souza

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Sat, 24 August 09:30 am - 12:30 pm Mullumbimby, NSW 12 $85.00


Nutrient cycling is the basis of life, sounds deep we know, but it's the truth of it. Without this system of turning the waste of one thing, into a food source for another, we would be no more.

Nature does it exquisitely, and in this workshop we teach you the best way we know how in emulating and assisting her. There are many modes of compost to suit absolutely every individual and their household set up. We'll take you through worm farms, bokashi, cold compost and hot compost. So no matter your space at home, your time and physical capabilities, we have you covered.

After a day in compost world you will go home with a deep understanding of compost and soil, determine what compost is best suited to you, get cracking on starting your own compost at home and/ or have the knowledge to improve your existing system.

The benefits of composting are endless... for your garden, for the planet, for the future and for yourself.

What to Bring

  • Hat, gloves, boots, water bottle, sunblock, small tub of food waste which we'll use and then this empty tub can be used to take home compost
  • Pen and paper
  • Own lunch/refreshments

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Tutor Profile:


Alice is a qualified Permaculturalist with a deep love and passion for soil and compost, Alice has made it her mission to share the importance of rehabilitating our soil and growing nutrient dense food. “There is such beauty and gravity in nutrient cycling, a system so simple yet efficient, and one which will tremendously help to rebuild the health of our soils and thus, the health of humans.” Alice is currently working as a Permaculture Facilitator and alongside Dan at Green For You, where their passion to make change in the community is coming to life. She is driven to grow the skills and knowledge around soil, composting and food waste within the community.


Dan is a passionate horticulturalist and landscape designer, Dan's life revolves around plants and the natural world. Raised in Tasmania, Dan was exposed to the raw beauty of nature from a young age and this created a deep seated desire to help protect this special place we call earth. Dan founded Green For You as a means to give purpose to his life and others. By offering workshops to our local communities, Dan hopes to influence positive change. “By empowering people with the knowledge and skills to make more sustainable choices, we can create a community of informed and responsible consumers who are committed to reducing food waste and building a more sustainable future".