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Permaculture Ethics, Principles and Patterns

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What is permaculture and why is it relevant to our world today? How can we integrate the ethics and principles of Permaculture in our daily lives? Explore the foundations of Permaculture as you learn about the underlying patterns in nature and how comprehending and working with them can support you to live a richer, more easeful life.

Topics covered include

Introduction to Permaculture (Ethics and Principles Ecology):

* What is Permaculture?
* Permaculture Ethics and Principles
* Permaculture Principles in Action - Sensory Experience
* Foundations of Ecology - appreciating the interconnectedness of all life
* Nutrient cycles
* Food Webs
* Multiple functions of plants, animals and fungi in Permaculture design

Patterns in Nature:

* Pattern Comprehension and Application
* Observing and Identifying patterns in nature over Time and Space * Patterns in Design
* Examples of Designs
* Natural Succession as a template for earth repair

What to bring

* Pen and notebook
* Lunch and refreshments

Feedback from Past Students

"Delivery was very easy to understand and delivered from a strong background knowledge." Julian Fitzgerald

"Such interesting topics. Bunya really unpacked Permaculture indroduction it was understandable and relatable. I felt inspired. " Jacqui Stewart

"Extremely fascinating content."" Zhalu Brook Angel "Enlightening, eye opening content. Really set the ground work for the rest of the PDC." Geoffrey Suthon


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