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Behaviour and Response Training (BART) Work

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23 March 2024, Saturday 09:00 am - 04:00 pm Byron Bay, NSW 15 $160.00



Work Effectively and Safely with People who Use Challenging-and High Risk Behaviours (Includes 'An Introduction to Self-Protective Behaviour -SPB)

Challenging or concerning behaviour often occurs in response to a complex array of often interrelating factors and can include beahviour that leads to:
  • an increase in staff frustration and decreased job satisfaction, impacting on staff retention.
  • physical and/or psychological injury to staff and others
  • costly in terms of staff injury, lost-time-injury and WorkCover/insurance involvement.
  • a barrier to a clients ability to access care and services
  • costly to organisations because it demands time and resources of staff on many levels.

BART is suitable for staff who work in inpatient, residential or community settings within Health, Aged and Disability sectors. BART provides the information and skills necessary to respond safely and effectively to adult care & support clients, who use challenging or concerning behaviours. BART is focused on changing staff behaviour rather than on changing client behaviour.

In BART, participants develop the 4 pillars of professional response to client-related challenging behaviour: Knowledge practices, Behaviour, De-escalation, and Self- Protective Behaviour (SPB).

BART provides a framework to support self-responsibility and a whole-of-organisation approach to client-related behaviours and is based on the ‘Self-Protective Behaviour’ (SPB) model developed by Andy Kelly.  The BART focus is on self-responsibility, safety and professional responses to adult client-related behaviours.

In this workshop, participants will;
  • understand the meaning and implications of 'challenging behaviours'
  • explore the causes and maintenance factors of challenging behaviours
  • understand the principles of Self Protective Behaviours
  • explore common client-related risk behaviours
  • develop 5 R (research, Report, Record, Respond, Review) responses to 'challenging behaviours
  • develop active strategies for working safely with individuals who use high risk 'challenging behaviours'
  • assume self-responsibility for personal health and safety and risk management
  • become clearer about Duty of Care and other responsibilities in reporting, recording and responding to 'challenging behaviours'.

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen/paper
  • Your own refreshments and lunch/snacks

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