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Tech Savy Seniors a Huge Success!

Imagine a world where you are surrounded by technology every waking moment but don’t really understand how to use it. This is the quintessential back foot to inclusion for many seniors simply because they were not born into the technology immersion that has become so absolute for the younger generation.

So, what do you do to master technology when mud and sticks was the foundation of your games and the telephone was firmly attached to the wall? Fortunately, we are not the first to have pondered this question, which is why the NSW government initiative in partnership with Telstra created Tech Savvy Seniors, the success of which has shown just how much it was needed.

The 2022 report is in, showing that more than 7,300 training places were provided, across 11 course types, in 13 languages at 200 library and community college locations! This is incredible reach with results even overcoming lower enrolment numbers due to the ongoing impacts of COVID and floods.

We are celebrating a significant increase in students’ self-reported confidence with and knowledge of technology following the training:

  • Over 90% of participants agreed that the courses were helpful, informative and run at the right pace for them.
  • 80% felt confident with using digital devices following the course, and more than two thirds felt they could teach others what they had learnt.
  • The majority of seniors said they would now use digital technologies more frequently for accessing information and services online, looking for information about community activities and communicating with friends and family.

We have been absolutely thrilled to provide Tech Savvy for Seniors at Byron Community College, but you have to get in early because demand ensures it frequently fills up well in advance. Due to run again on Thursday 3rd November 2022, be sure to look out for it in our upcoming Term 4 program scheduled to be released soon.