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Moving Forwards

Adult Community Education provides a flexible and supportive environment in which students can develop work-ready skills. It aims to involve and engage people through inspiring learning experiences. Through this engagement, friendships are made, and community connections are woven which can have far reaching effects.

Our 2023 Nationally Recognised Training courses are now well underway, and it’s been a pleasure meeting this year’s Certificate course students studying Permaculture, Horticulture, Massage Therapy, Community Services and Individual Support.
They are gaining transferrable knowledge and skills, developing relationships with local organisations, and opening doors to a variety of roles in the workplace.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, they bring with them their unique skills and life experiences which contribute to the class as a whole. The first day of class always feels like a significant moment in time. After months of preparation, to see a group of students finally assembled together under the same roof; likeminded individuals ready to embark on a learning journey together is really something. In adult education, students, their trainers and College staff alike, learn from each other in often unexpected ways, enriching the College community and along with it, the larger local community as well.

As our community continues to find its way forward following the challenges wrought by the last few years, the College too is continuing the process of rebuilding and growing forward. If you take a walk past our main campus in Mullumbimby, you’ll see the rebuild under way and little by little, step by step, the new possibilities are becoming more visible. We’re so grateful for the patience and understanding of our wonderful students who share in our vision of what’s possible when we work together as a community.

If the time’s right for you, get in touch with us about how you can immerse yourself in something that inspires you. A short course in gardening, visual arts or music may well blossom into a greater passion or be the stepping stone to something more.
We look forward to meeting you and supporting you in fulfilling your learning goals.