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Adult Learner’s Week Competition Winners Announced!

We recieved so many wonderful stories for our Adult Learners’ Week Competition. It was an incredible reminder of how humbled we are to be able to bring so many learning opportunities to our community. Please enjoy the 1st and 2nd place winners’ stories below and we look forward to doing it again in 2023!.

The BCC booklet had been sitting on my kitchen bench for days, calling me, saying, “Join something! Join something!”

I’d circled five different courses – art, creative writing, massage, Pinterest, blogging – but it was only when a friend said she was booked in to do the writing program with Barbara, that I realised how devastated I’d be to miss out!

In the last five weeks, I’ve surprised myself by creating a solid foundation for a novella. A novella I wasn’t planning on writing! Once I committed to doing the course, and giving myself the gift of attending each week, the writing just came out. It was there all along, but I needed the structure of a course to support me to do the work.

That is the beauty of joining a BCC course. You’re effectively buying yourself the gift of time well spent, to nurture something you delight in. For me, right now, that’s reflecting and processing life experiences through writing and creating a new world – one that others might enjoy visiting one day. Thanks Barbara and BCC.

Marissa Treichel (Pictured Top – 1st Place Winner)

I love Byron Community for its diversity of learning opportunities. I am a mother of three and over the past 15 years, I have undertaken many different courses to keep inspired in my own life. I enjoyed meeting people from our community in this way and I have since slowly and patiently started to create an online business with my passion for art and body awareness.

This week I am learning about online marketing, which I never thought was in my plan of life as my technology skills were very poor but they improved in confidence through the courses at Byron Community College. I even played with creating a YouTube channel where I was challenged to speak and present my ideas to an audience.

The learning journey at the college has been of immense personal growth. The Certificate in Visual Arts would have been one of my favourite courses inspired by the wonderful teacher Virginia Reid. To this day I draw from the knowledge and tools I gained during that year. Thank you very much to this local education place and everyone who makes it happen!

Susi Sweeney (Pictured Bottom – 2nd Place Winner)