Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Advanced Floristry

30 May - 20 June 2024, 4 x Thursdays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Each week offers the opportunity to learn and create a different floral design ranging from professionally wired flower crowns to stunning modern bouquets and unique statement arrangements‚ all of which are yours to take home and enjoy for the remainder of the week.

African Dance

5 x Thu, 6 June - 4 July
6pm to 7.15pm, Mullum, $150

African Dance is earthy, rhythmic and dynamic. Feel the energising and uplifting rhythms and gain a deep sense of connection to the earth and a greater sense of grounding.  Learn pulsating movements of the pelvis and torso in an African contemporary tribal style approach to dance. Very uplifting, high vibes and fun. 

Afro-Cuban Percussion

8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
6.30pm to 8.00pm,
Mullum, $270 

Find your fire with the ancient drums and rhythm patterns of traditional Afro-Cuban Percussion (aka Salsa/Rumba). Immerse yourself in a whole new world, discovering the traditions behind the instruments and learning how to play each rhythm in time in this introductory course.

AHC30722 - Certificate III in Horticulture

Embark on an exciting horticultural journey where your passion for the outdoors transforms into a promising career.

Our nationally recognised course equips you with hands-on skills, guided by industry-current trainers, to operate machinery, identify plant specimens, and implement environmentally sustainable practices. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience, spending time in both the classroom and our lush 1-acre site at Mullumbimby Community Gardens. Gain practical experience in troubleshooting irrigation systems, controlling pests, and maintaining nursery plants. This entry-level qualification opens doors to diverse roles, from Horticulturalist to Nursery Worker and Parks and Gardens Worker.

Elevate your career in the prosperous world of horticulture—enroll now and cultivate your passion into a thriving profession!
Certificate III in Permaculture course image

AHC33822 - Certificate III in Permaculture

Certificate III in Permaculture course image
Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable living with our Permaculture course at Byron Community College. Nestled in the green heart of the North Coast in Byron Shire, this highly practical program offers you the chance to acquire essential skills that go beyond the classroom, fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of permaculture, where organic farming, animal systems, natural building, food preservation, systems thinking, and community development converge into a holistic philosophy. Gain inspiration from natural ecosystems as you progress through this work ready qualification, equipping you to operate independently and skilfully in developing permaculture systems.
Experience the best of both worlds with a blend of classroom learning and hands-on training at our purpose-designed 1-acre permaculture site, nestled within the Mullumbimby Community Gardens. This unique setup provides you with practical insights and confidence to lead the way towards a better future.
Join us, in collaboration with Mullumbimby Community Gardens and Permaculture Australia, to become a catalyst for positive change in sustainability. Enrol now and be part of the movement shaping lives, homes, and communities towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

An Alternative History of Surfing

Sun, 19 May
9am - 5pm, Byron, $240

In this course we'll explore forgotten surf history both recent and ancient. We'll look beyond the most accepted forms of surfing and discover the fringes and edges that helped shape what surfing is today and we'll look forward to see where modern surfing is headed.

Animals - Integrated Production Systems - PDC

3 May 2024, Friday
9am to 5pm Mullum, $160 pp

Learn how to incorporate animals into the design of your garden or food production system to increase its overall abundance and optimise the health and productivity of your chickens, cows and other animals.

Arranging Dried Botanicals

9.30am to 2pm, Mullum, $260

Join us for a creative floristry workshop learning how to create three beautiful dried botanical designs to style your home or gift to someone special. This class provides practical demonstrations on the construction of a flower arrangement, a hand tied bouquet and a flower hoop using a mixture of on trend dried flowers & leaves guiding you to design your own masterpiece ready to take home and enjoy for months to come.

Art of Paper & Print

29 April - 24 June 2024, 8 x Mondays (No class 10 June)
9.30am to 3.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Art of Paper & Print is an introductory course into several ways to make Prints. This 8 week practical course will explore drawing and the creative possibilities of transposing drawings into mono-prints and relief-prints. 

Backyard Chooks

​Keeping chickens in the backyard is fun and easy. They eat our kitchen scraps, will happily scratch up every weed, seed and grub as well as give us eggs and manure for our gardens.This workshop will cover every-day care, feeding, popular breeds, problem solving and housing. Keeping even a few chooks has many benefits for living a more sustainable lifestyle.
Barista Training

Barista Training

Barista Training
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Making coffee is an art these days, in this course you will learn all you need to know about the history of coffee, different coffee beans, grinding, extracting, texturising milk, coffee styles and how to use a commercial coffee machine. 

Basket Weaving

3 x Fri, 7 - 21 June
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, $280

Learn how to create beautiful baskets using natural fibres from plants that grow around us. You will learn how to recognise, gather and prepare local plants for weaving then be shown basic weaving techniques. This is a great way for people to come together and share their creative ideas. It's fun and very relaxing, but be warned, it's addictive! Additional materials $20.



Sun, 9 June
10am to 6pm, Mullum, $195

This workshop introduces potential bee keepers to the delight and fascination of this rewarding hobby. The session covers safety, myth busting, hands-on bee keeping (Steve will bring along a beehive), legal requirements and the most important thing - how to get started!

Behaviour and Response Training (BART) Work

Work effectively and safely with people who use challenging-and high risk behaviours (Includes 'An Introduction to Self-Protective Behaviour -SPB)

Bellydance Bliss

6 x Mon, 13 May - 24 June (no class 10 June), 
5pm - 6.15pm, South Golden Beach, $180

Threading ancient arts of both bellydance and yoga to restore balance bringing joy to the mind , body and soul. You will learn fundamental movements creating strength, flexibility and space for exploration within your body. Suitable for beginners and beyond.

Better Business Using Xero

9am to 4pm, Mullum, $195

Master the art of financial management with our comprehensive Xero course! Discover the ins and outs of optimizing Xero for your business finances, from setting up accounts to seamless collaboration with your accountant. Automate tasks using advanced bank features, ensuring flawless reconciliations. Streamline your bookkeeping with efficient invoicing and bill payment strategies. Gain expertise in generating key financial reports, including BAS, and acquire the skills to navigate and interpret data effectively. Elevate your business management game with this essential Xero program!

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

9am to 4pm, Mullum, $155

Designed for bike riders wishing to learn how to carry out basic maintenance and repairs to their bike, this workshop is led by a professional bike mechanic, who makes understanding bike mechanics easy. By the end of the workshop, we aim for you to be able to perform basic maintenance and repairs to your bike, saving you money and making your bike safer and more enjoyable to ride.

Book Binding

Sat, 18 May
9am - 1pm, Mullum, $145

Immerse yourself in the art of bookbinding in our comprehensive workshop as you learn to make a hard cover journal using coptic stitch. Discover the intricacies of different techniques for binding, stitching signatures, and selecting materials like handmade paper for covers and high-quality paper for pages. You'll also stitch a small notebook, leaving with two beautifully handcrafted books and newfound bookbinding skills.

Botanical Blueprints

2 x Sat, 22 - 29 June
12.30pm to 4.30pm, Mullum, $240

Embark on a creative journey with our Cyanotype Imagery course, a photographic art form dating back to the 19th century, originally used for documenting botanical specimens. Join local artist Katie as she imparts her expertise in crafting stunning botanical blueprints on paper using this ancient technique. Be inspired by the groundbreaking work of 19th-century botanist Anna Atkins and weave your own artistic narrative through the lens of cyanotype magic. Unleash your creativity in this unique exploration of photographic history.

Bring Your Business Off The Kitchen Table - Online Class

Taking your business from the kitchen table to a more professional and scalable setup is a crucial step for growth and success. This workshop will cover some steps to help you make that transition.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Start with a plan
  • What legal structure do you need
  • Funding options
  • All the other important stuff like remaining compliant

BSB30220 - Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Unlock the pathway to entrepreneurial success with our qualification tailored for aspiring business owners.

Certificate III In Entrepreneurship and New Business is your key to mastering core business skills, covering finances, legal compliance, digital marketing, and business proposals.
Delivered through a blend of online study, workplace visits, and engaging group workshops, you'll gain practical insights and one-on-one support from your experienced trainer. From organising personal work priorities to developing a personal budget and reviewing digital presence, this course is your fast track to launching and thriving in the world of small business.

Enrol now and turn your business dreams into reality!

Building a Greenwall/Vertical Garden

Sat, 1 June, 
9am - 5pm, Mullum, $160

Learn how to build a vertical garden using the simple system created by their inventor (Patrick Blanc) and used throughout the world. Vertical gardens can be indoors or outdoors, grow plants, food, flowers, and more. They are easy to build and conserve water.

Butter Knife Carving

Sat, 15 June​
10am to 3pm, Mullum, $190
Discover the art of carving as you learn how to select and prepare greenwood timber for small woodwork projects. We will dive into a spectrum of traditional knife grip techniques, mastering the safe use of a sloyd knife to craft your unique wooden butter knife. Learn the secrets of applying food-safe finishes like oils, waxes, and paints, adding a personal touch to your creations. Elevate your carving skills in a journey that merges tradition with practicality.


8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
5.00pm to 6.30pm, Mullum, $270

Uncover the rhythmic beats of the Cajón! It appears as a wooden box, but if you learn to touch it, will transforms into a drum kit at your fingertips. This course will guide you step by step from the basic sounds to the groove and rhythm that will give you the freedom to play in any song, genre or jam session you desire.

Canva For Business (Beginners) - Online Class

Tue, Thu & Tue 28 May - 4 June
2pm - 5pm, Online, $160
Unleash your creativity with our beginners Canva course, designed for business owners and people managing the marketing for other businesses. This course will help you understand how Canva can get you visible online, and make you look flash! We’ll have you creating a logo and branding elements, style guide, and some social media posts (you must have already signed up for a Canva account).

Canva For Business (Level 2) - Online Class

Mon, Tue, Wed 10 - 12 June 
2pm - 5pm, Online, $160

If you’re a business owner or manage the marketing for a business, then this course will help you understand how Canva can get you visible online, and make you look flash! Ideal for beginners to Canva (you must have already signed up for a Canva account) and we’ll have you creating a logo and branding elements, style guide, and some social media posts.

Castanets Introduction

6 x Mon, 20 May - 1 July
5pm - 6.30pm, Byron, $190

Keep the rhythm alive! Castanets can bring joy and excitement to all ages. Accessible to everyone, castanets offer a fun and engaging activity. Whether you're looking to explore new rhythms or simply enjoy the music, castanets provide an entertaining experience for all.
Individual Support Certificate course image

CHC33021 - Certificate III Individual Support

Individual Support Certificate course image
Now is the perfect time to equip yourself with the skills needed to make a real difference in the lives of the ageing or individuals with disabilities.
Our nationally recognised Certificate III in Individual Support qualification ensures a holistic learning experience, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice.
 Guided by industry-current trainers, our hands-on course includes a minimum of 120 hours of work placement, providing practical experience and fostering valuable connections with local organisations. Whether you aspire to work in community, residential or aged care settings, this program equips you with the essential skills needed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals in the community.

Enrol at Byron Community College today, and let your compassion take centre stage in the dynamic field of support.

CHC42021 - Certificate IV in Community Services

Embark on a transformative journey with our nationally recognised Certificate IV in community services course! Dive into diverse career paths, from housing to youth work, and beyond. Our industry-current trainers will guide you through the essential skills of communication, advocacy, and community development.
Immerse yourself in real-world experience with a minimum of 40 hours of work placement, paving the way for roles like Community Support Worker and Case Manager. This course is designed to not only impart knowledge but to shape you into a dynamic professional prepared for the challenges and rewards of the community services landscape.
Whether you're charting a new career course or elevating your existing skills, this course offers the chance to find your passion in the world of community services. Join us and step into a fulfilling and impactful career where you'll play a vital role in transforming lives.
Mental Health Certificate IV image

CHC43315 - Certificate IV in Mental Health

Mental Health Certificate IV image
Discover the rewarding path to making a difference in people's lives with our CHC43315 - Certificate IV in Mental Health. This nationally recognised qualification empowers you to provide compassionate, client-centred support to individuals navigating mental health challenges.

Unlock the skills to implement community-based programs and activities tailored to mental health needs. From community organisations to clinical settings, this qualification equips you to work autonomously while contributing meaningfully to the well-being of others.

With a focus on recovery-oriented support, our program prepares you to thrive in diverse community contexts. Whether it's outreach services, residential care, or rehabilitation programs, you'll be guided by seasoned practitioners and professionals every step of the way, graduating industry ready.

Join us on this transformative journey and become a vital part of enhancing mental health support in our communities. Enrol now and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in mental health!

Communication For Clarity And Connection

10am to 2pm, Byron Bay, $110

Most of us long for harmony in our relationships, yet often the way we express ourselves and listen to others leads to misunderstanding, frustration and disconnection. This course introduces you to ways of communicating and listening based on "Nonviolent Communication" - a process proven to contribute to greater understanding and connection with family and friends and of course - yourself.

Community Design And Social Permaculture - PDC

Sun, 5 May 
9am to 5pm, Mullum, $160

Learn about social permaculture design, supporting humans to be effective and thrive together. Explore ideas around collaborative governance and decision-making, social enterprise, localised community living, integrated permaculture lifestyles.

Computer Basics

8 May to 12 June 2024, 6 x Tuesdays
9.30am to 12.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

This course is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to use a computer for everyday tasks, whether at work, study or for your own personal use.

Cooking for One

Sat, 15 June
10am - 1pm, Mullum, $160

A cooking class designed specifically for single individuals who want to add deliciousness and punchy flavours to their everyday cooking!

Whether you are a beginner or you just want to enhance your skills you will come away knowing how to liven up your meals with recipes that are short on time but big on flavour.

Learn how to cook dishes such as Chimichurri Steak and Limed Chicken Curry Noodles, and along the way gain valuable hacks and tips to simplify your cooking process.

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Let's shake things up and dive into the wonderful world of customer service with a twist! In this workshop, we're going to unravel the secrets to nurturing and cherishing customer loyalty, and we'll redefine what it means to be a customer service superstar.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Establish and maintain rapport with your customer
  • Seeking feedback from your customer
  • Identify ways to enhance the quality of your customer service
  • How to keep your customer loyal to your brand

Creativity Masterclass

8 x Thu, 9 May - 27 June
6pm - 8pm, Mullum, $320

Unlock and unblock your potential with this deep dive into creativity. Discover hidden talents, identify untapped resources, give and receive criticism, collaborate effectively, build teams, and more. 

Crochet For Beginners

Crochet is meditative, relaxing and lots of fun. Use basic crochet stitches and different textured yarns to create a beautiful scarf and another simple garment to take home. When you get hooked you can't stop.

Crochet Level 2

2 x Sat, 4 - 11 May
10am to 2pm,
Mullum, $170

Make and finish a garment of your choice! If you already have some basic crochet knowledge under your belt, come and join me in learning to read and follow patterns all the way through to completing a new item for your wardrobe. We look forward to getting you hooked.

Crystal Awakening Level 1

In this IICT approved workshop, come and experience the loving, powerful energies of crystals and how they can assist you in activating the wisdom of your heart and soul as you experience your own divinity. Awaken and develop your own unique individual healing powers as you tap into your intuition, creativity, inspiration, higher self and your heart as you take this powerful journey with the crystal kingdom.
Visual Arts Certificate III image

CUA31120 - Certificate III in Visual Arts

Visual Arts Certificate III image
Are you ready to unleash your artistic potential? Dive into the vibrant world of visual arts, craft, and design with our nationally recognised qualification.
With a focus on developing a diverse range of visual art skills, you'll have the opportunity to take charge of your own creative journey while receiving expert guidance and support from industry professionals. From mastering drawing techniques to exploring the fascinating realms of art theory and history, you'll gain the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic arts industry.
Discover the joy of producing stunning paintings, sculptures, prints, and digital images while honing your creativity and expression. Our hands-on approach ensures that you not only learn the fundamentals of artistry but also cultivate your unique style and vision.
Join us and embark on a transformative learning experience where you'll contribute to the health and safety of yourself and others, document your creative progress, and unleash your boundless imagination. Enrol now and let your artistic journey begin!

Digest Your Best: The foundations of a healthy gut

Sat, 18 May 
9am to 4pm, Mullum, $140

Discover the process of implementing the foundations of health to heal your gut so that you can reduce digestive discomfort, gain more energy and participate in the activities you love without using medications, restrictive diets or trial & error.

DIY Off Grid Basics

Sat, 22 June 
9am - 5pm, Mullum, $160

Learn how to build basic off grid systems on the cheap in the Northern Rivers; simple solar setups, water, cheap and free construction materials, DIY compost toilet, and more.

Dreaming in Colour 2

9 May - 27 June 2024, 8 x Thursdays
9.30am to 3.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*
Are you interested in exploring painting in a style between realism and abstraction?

Ecology - Weeds, Pests And Diseases In The Garden - PDC

29 June 2024, Saturday
9am to 5pm, Mullum, $160pp

Learn to identify and control a range of common weeds, pests and diseases of food crops through holistic, ecologically sensitive management techniques. This course will build an appreciation of the importance of soil management to nurture crop health for natural pest and disease resistance.

Excel As A Database

For those already using a spreadsheet application, extend your skills to managing data. Learning how to sort, filter and subtotal data as well as cleverly combine these techniques to extract information from your spreadsheet application.

Excel Essentials

4 x Thu, 23 May - 13 June
9.30am to 12.30pm, Mullum, $265

Learn the essential skills to use the spreadsheet for home and office applications. From the basics, including layout, formatting and printing, through to the manipulation of text and numbers, participants will get a thorough grounding in applying this powerful tool to solve a myriad of problems. A working knowledge of the Windows environment is needed.

Face Yoga

Sat, 29 June
10am to 3pm, Mullum, $130

Lift your Face! Lift your Spirit! Face yoga uses muscle exercises, conscious breathing and body poses to tighten, tone and lift your face naturally. During this course you will learn a set of exercises to smooth wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids, improve your eyesight, reduce double chins and define your jawline, which you can practice at home and easily integrate into your daily life.

Finish That Novel

If you've been struggling to complete that memoir, novel or non-fiction book, it may be time to rethink your approach to writing. Using examples from our greatest writers, the author of 21 books offers proven tools and tips to restructure your time, workspace, words and inner-critic, to complete the first draft and get that book done! A fun, conversational workshop for anyone hoping to get to 'The End'.

First Words

6 x Thu, 16 May - 27 June (no class 30 May)
2pm - 5pm, Byron, $360

Though spellbinding in its effects, creative writing itself isn't magical. Whether you've always wanted to write and not known where to start, or just want to start scribbling, we'll make a beginning. Take a peep at attitudes affecting creativity and at what stops us writing. We'll then plunge headlong into sorting story ideas, exploring characters, description and dialogue, learning how to give feedback, and revising and editing.

First Words Advanced

If you enjoy writing and would like to explore it further in a supportive and creative environment where ideas flourish, join us. Whether you want to develop the process of short story writing, or larger projects, this course will be invaluable. Together we will delve into technique and theory, while learning how to develop our stories. We will use constructive feedback, understand the role of the inner critic and touch on research toward publication.

Flamenco dance

6 x Mon, 20 May - 1 July (no class 10 June)
6.30pm - 8pm, Byron, $190

Join us for this beginners flamenco dance class. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Floral Arbour

10am to 1pm, Mullum, $240

Embark on a floral journey where you'll delve into the essentials of constructing a beautifully wired Floral Arbour. Experience the art of asymmetric design, explore sustainable techniques with floral foam, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. Create an on-trend, fresh Flower Arbour, and once mastered, bring this stunning design to life for special events. Ensure a blooming success by enrolling at least 4 days before class, allowing ample time for flower orders. Let your floral creativity flourish!

Floristry Intermediate

3 - 24 May 2024, 4 x Fridays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Each week offers the opportunity to learn and create a different floral design ranging from professionally wired flower crowns to stunning modern bouquets and unique statement arrangements, all of which are yours to take home and enjoy for the remainder of the week.

Forest Bathing Outing

Sat, 1 June
9am to 12.30pm, Booyong Nature Reserve, $95

Forest bathing is a nature-based practice aimed at reducing stress and promoting overall wellbeing. Through guided activities, we connect to the sights, sounds, smells, touch and tastes of nature, with the quiet movement of our body through space. Scientific research is demonstrating the physiological, emotional and social benefits of enhanced nature connection. 

FSK10119 - Certificate I in Access to Vocational Skills

​Ready to take the first step toward your goals? Our Vocational Education program is designed to give you the support you need to start your learning journey.
Whether you want a job or more training, we've got you covered. We'll help you improve important skills like reading, writing, speaking and mathematics, all at a level that suits you.
Plus, we'll teach you basic computer skills and how to be more employable, so you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.
Don't let anything hold you back. Join us and open the door to endless opportunities!

FSK20119 - Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

Embarking on the journey of learning and acquiring new skills can be both exciting and rewarding.
The Nationally Recognised Certificate ll in Skills For Work and Vocational Pathways training offered by Byron Community College is designed to give early school leavers the skills and experiences required to transition into further work or study. To ensure your learning experience is enjoyable and engaging, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of skills and experiences, all designed to empower you on your journey to additional education or employment. 

So get ready to unlock your potential, have fun while learning, and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling future!  

Garden Design Basics

Sat, 18 May 
9am - 3pm, Mullum, $150

Interested in garden design? In this short course we delve into the art of garden bed design through a comprehensive site analysis. We will also explore the intricacies of reading and working with your soil, as well as identifying suitable plant species for your unique environment.

German For Beginners

Enjoy a relaxed introduction to the German language and life in German speaking countries. You will learn basic conversational skills, which are useful when travelling to German speaking countries, as well as basic reading and writing skills.

German Level 2

A continuation of the German for Beginners - Level 1 course or for those who have some basic knowledge of German. Students will learn more reading, writing and conversational skills in a fun atmosphere.

Get your camera off auto

4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June
9.30am - 12.30pm, Byron $240

Do you own an amazing DSLR and it's still on Auto? Let me teach you how to use your DSLR camera to its full potential. We will work with aperture and exposure going beyond auto or program mode. Based on weekly theory classes and fun assignments, you will learn how to capture better images, improve week by week, and end up with great shots that you are happy to share with others as you become more confident with your camera. This course is suited to introductory/intermediate DSLR users.

Golf Ocean Shores

5 x Tue, 21 May - 18 June, 12.15pm to 2.15pm
or 5 x Fri, 24 May - 21 June, 
9.30am - 11.30pm, 
Ocean Shores Country Club, $200

These classes are for golfers of all levels from the beginner to the regular club golfer and offer a relaxed and friendly learning environment at the Ocean Shores Golf Club with Chris Graham, a Certified PGA Professional. Classes are scheduled over five weeks covering all of the basics including short game, long game and on-course play.

Guitar 2 - Unlocking Your Guitar

6 x Wed, 8 May - 12 June, 
7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $240pp

This course will suit you if you are a reasonably confident beginner rather than a novice; can already play through some songs; or have already completed Karl's Beginner's course. What happens for a lot of us is we get to the stage of being able to play a few songs, but then get a bit stuck, and don't know where to go next. What can easily happen then is that we get bored playing the same old things and not progressing. Karl has a bunch of cool things to show you that will enable you to break through that. Additional materials $10.

Guitar 3 - Breaking Through

In this course, we will be 'breaking through' and bridging the gap from confident intermediate player to competent musician. If you're bored with your guitar playing, this course is for you! This course is designed for the intermediate player who wants to advance. To benefit fully from this course you will need to be able to play confidently both open position and barre chords. Additional materials $10.

Guitar For Beginners

6 x Tue, 7 May - 11 June
7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $240

If you're one of the millions who bought a guitar, learned three chords (or less), got frustrated, and hasn't picked up the guitar since, this class is for you! This is a fresh start, a chance to get over those 'beginner's blues' and actually get to play stuff and enjoy it. So dust off your guitar, bring it along and join in. But be warned, you may well find you'll acquire a lifelong addiction to playing your guitar. Additional materials $10.

Guitar Improvisation and Chord Extensions for the 12 Bar Blues

3 x Wed, 5 - 19 June
5pm - 7pm, Mullum, $160 

Time to unpack the language of the Blues. This course will cover practical uses and applications for guitarists through both Major and Minor tonalities with a focus on chord voicings and inversions.

We will cover key scales and tonalities that incorporate improvising elements featured in Jazz, folk, delta and Chicargo Blues.

Many finger picking techniques will be demonstrated and a in depth look at the right hand technique.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced.This is a practical, hands on guitar workshop.

Hand Building Ceramics Introduction

4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June, 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Mullum, $420

Ochre's Hand Building workshop is a beautiful 'entree' into the world of clay. Come and sip tea and coffee while being guided through all the basics of hand building in our beautiful light-filled studio. You will learn how to make a pinch pot, coil, slab build, attach handles, legs, etc...even how to glaze and decorate your beautiful pieces.

Hand Tied Posy

10am to 12.30pm, Mullum, $155

Indulge your floral passion in this hands-on course. Awaken your inner florist as you discover the art of crafting a stunning Hand Tied Posy with fresh seasonal blooms and foliage, perfect for any vase. Tailored for beginners, our experienced tutor guides you through the fundamental techniques of posy construction. From expertly spiralling stems to creating handmade bows for your gift-wrapped masterpiece, you'll leave with newfound skills, floral insights, and a beautifully wrapped posy and vase to take home.


7pm to 9pm, Mullum, $320

Whether you're a beginner to harmonica or looking to elevate your playing, this course is your key to unlocking the harmonica's musical magic and enhancing your overall performance. Join us on a harmonious journey of skill enhancement as we dive into the fundamentals of harmonica playing, focusing on refining your technique. Maximize the full potential of this versatile instrument as you fine-tune your skills.

HeartMath Resilience Advantage

Explore the HeartMath techniques which are based on more than 20 years peer reviewed research. You’ll discover tools to enhance your ability to self-regulate emotions, focus, reduce stress and recharge your energy with breath meditation techniques, resulting in restorative sleep, enhanced vitality and ongoing resilience. This is a powerful skillset to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux and challenge.

Herbal Medicine Making

Sat, 25 May
9am - 4pm, Mullum, $180

In this hands on workshop we will explore the healing power of plants. Herbalist Jacqui Edgerly will teach the basics of herbal medicine and how to make your own herbal remedies at home. This workshop will set you up with the basic knowledge of how to make herbal oils, water infusions and vinegars.

HLT42021 - Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

Embark on a fulfilling career in Massage Therapy with Byron Community College's nationally recognised training. If you're passionate about helping others and fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, this program offers a formal pathway to a rewarding profession. Our expert trainers guide you through a hands-on learning experience, preparing you for diverse settings, from private practice to spa/salon, aged care, and sports.
Immerse yourself in real-world training by running an in-house clinic practice from week 6, gaining practical experience in client treatment and massage practice. Learn the art of assessing clients' massage needs, providing therapeutic treatments, and offering reflexology for relaxation. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body through anatomy and physiology, unlocking the potential to enhance movement, circulation, and mental well-being.

Enrol today and embark on a career with compassion, skill development, and unparalleled flexibility.

HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Click below for upcoming dates

This CPR half-day course is for students who have a CURRENT Provide First Aid qualification OR just wish to learn the CPR unit. This course covers the CPR element of Provide First Aid, which is recommended to be updated every year.

This course teaches you the skills and knowledge required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines. This course is developed for existing workers in the industry who may require CPR training as recommended by the ARC.

HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid

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This First Aid course will provide you with an excellent introduction to first aid and enable you to perform appropriate first aid procedures and basic life support until qualified emergency help arrives. This unit satisfies training requirements across a range of community and workplace settings and can be of benefit to anyone in the workplace, home or various other situations. Refresher courses (which are recommended to be renewed every 3 years) are also conducted within the one-day format.

HLTAID012 - Provide First Aid In An Education And Care Setting

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This course is suitable for anyone working in long day care, family day care, preschool and outside of school hours (OOSH) care services. It will teach you the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Developed for educators and support staff working within an education and care setting who are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.

How to become a NDIS Support worker

Sat, 18 May
10am to 3pm, Mullum, $130pp

Considering a career change? Join our comprehensive 1-day workshop, where you'll gain valuable insights and all the necessary information to kickstart your path towards becoming an independent or agency NDIS support worker.

Hypnosis - 3 day Certification Course Online

3 x Sat, 18 May - 1 June
1pm - 8pm, Online, $440

Learn basic and gentle hypnosis techniques to help you achieve your goals - potentially help others do the same.

Improv Comedy Long-Form Lvl 1

4 x Mon, 3 - 24 June
6pm - 8pm, Mullum, $160

Dive into the world of laughter and spontaneity with our improv comedy course! Unleash your creativity, boost confidence, and sharpen quick wit through hilarious games and exercises. Discover the art of on-the-spot storytelling, character building, and teamwork. Join us for a laughter-packed journey, where every moment becomes a comedy masterpiece!

Indigo Dye and Shibori

Sat & Sun, 18 & 19 May, 
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $295

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Indigo and Shibori in this exciting workshop! Discover the traditional Shibori techniques of Arashi, Bomaki (pole wrapping), Itajime (clamping), as well as stitching, binding, and wrapping to craft stunning patterns. Plus, master the art of creating an Indigo vat quickly, without the usual weeks-long wait for maturation. Unlock the secrets of Indigo and Shibori with us! Additional materials $50

Introduction to Floristry

2 - 23 May 2024, 4 x Thursdays
9.30am to 2.30pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0* 

Interested in learning about floristry? This 4 week introduction course will step you through the process of creating a variety of floristry designs.

Introduction to Massage

6 May - 1 July 2024 (No class 10 June), 8 x Mondays
9am - 4pm, Mullum, ACE Funded $0*

Are you fascinated by the human body? Like to learn more about human anatomy and develop the skills to treat your friends and family to the ancient healing art of massage?

This eight week Introduction to Massage course will open your eyes to the fascinating world just under your skin. This introductory course is designed to give you the basic skills to provide massage for friends and family at home.

Introduction To Permaculture Design - PDC

The fundamentals of Permaculture design theory and practice. Explore how the elements of nature - earth, water, air and fire - define the unique conditions and opportunities of any site. Learn how to analyse and map these powerful forces to support you to work with, rather than against them to achieve your lifestyle and production goals.

Italian For Beginners

8 x Mon, 6 May - 1 July(No class 10 June)
6pm to 8pm, $295

Fascinated by the Italian language? Are you planning a trip to Italy or have an Italian partner or friend? Maybe you are just fond of Italian music and movies and want to learn Italian. Whatever your reasons are, this course is your answer. You will learn this poetic language in a fun and fast way, get great travel tips and cultural insights. No prior knowledge required.

Italian For Beginners Level 2

Improve your basic Italian language skills and enhance your confidence to help you communicate when you travel, when you meet Italian people, or if you simply want to improve your language skills. Come and join us!

Knitting For Beginners

Learn knitting the European way! An efficient and faster way of knitting, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Over the 3 sessions you will learn basic knitting techniques including how to cast on and off, knit and pearl stitches as well as how to decrease and increase stitches whilst creating a simple piece like a scarf, wrap of baby blanket.

Leadership for Entrepreneurs

4 x Sat, 15 June - 6 July
 2pm - 4.30pm, Online, $220

Following your dreams and running your own business isn’t only about online visibility and product. However, it’s just as important to talk about our ability to lead. This workshop is about leadership where we will work with concepts like ‘Inner Leadership’, leadership on a day-to-day basis and leadership of clients, students and assistants. Only by understanding and enacting these concepts, will we reach success and achieve full potential of our dream business and still thrive! Leadership for entrepreneurs’ will start by focussing on our Inner Leadership and then we will progress to build direction and control of our Outer Leadership. We will work our way through the essential levels of understanding leadership in general as well as exploring our own unique gifts as leaders.

Life Drawing Sessions

4 x Tue, 4 - 25 June
6pm to 8pm, Mullum, $200

A life drawing session with a twist. Our life model won't be entirely nude. A hands-on experience with drawing and honing observation skills of the figure drawn from life. Teacher facilitated warm up session, drawing "timed" warmups, leading to longer timed drawing sessions of the figure.

Lino Block Printing

Sat, 8 June
10am to 4pm, Mullum, $160

Many printmaking processes require some serious expertise and equipment. But lino block printing is amongst the easiest method out there and can be done from home using a few basic tools. This course is perfect for you if you want to try printmaking for the first time, no drawing experience needed. Join us in a supportive and empowering environment to explore a new skill. Additional materials $35.

Managing Your Veggie Garden

Sat, 15 June
9am - 3pm, Mullum, $150

Got a veggie garden that’s not producing the abundance of produce you’d love? In this workshop, we'll share techniques for pest and disease management, succession planting, crop rotation, and planting by the seasons. Learn the secrets to bountiful harvests and effective storage to avoid waste as you work with nature rather than against her. We will also cover composting and closed-loop systems, to help you unlock the full potential of your garden.

Marketing Mashup

Imagine a world where marketing is a playground, and your imagination is the key to unlocking its magic. The Marvelous Marketing Mashup is not your average workshop; it's a marketing extravaganza with a twist of playfulness that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the world of promotion.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Practical marketing knowledge and skills
  • Networking opportunities with fellow marketers
  • Confidence to implement effective marketing strategies

Massage Clinic

Relax and unwind with our one-hour student massage sessions. Click 'find out more' below for the BOOKINGS link. 


Memory Recall - Writing your Life

Sun, 19 May
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $150

Every life story is unique and worth recording. We will use simple physical, relaxation and writing exercises to retrieve our treasure trove of hidden memories for our own personal record and possibly to share with others.

Begin your memoir or just have the time of your life.

Mental Health First Aid (Standard)

Thu & Fri, 6 & 7 June 
9am to 5pm, Byron Bay, $320 

In this internationally recognised training you will learn how to assist an adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based action plan.

Mental Health First Aid (Standard) Funded

6 & 7 April 2024, Saturday & Sunday
9am to 5pm, Byron Bay,
ACE Funded $0*

In this internationally recognised training you will learn how to assist an adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based action plan.

Myofascial Release Massage Part I

Fri, Sat, Sun, 31 May - 2 June
Fri 5pm to 9pm, Sat & Sun 9am to 6pm
Mullum, $410

Add Myofascial Release methods to your existing therapeutic skill-set to deliver an even more in-depth treatment to your friends, family or clients. Used to relieve anything from chronic pain to common complaints such as lower back pain, these 32 myofascial release strokes are easily integrated into your existing routine or offered as a standalone treatment.

Native Bee Keeping

Social, semi-social and stingless bees all play a hugely important role in the Australian ecosystem, pollinating our unique wildflowers and more. Learn about bee morphology, nesting biology, foraging behaviour, the importance of bees in natural systems, and the effectiveness of stingless bees as a pollinator of farms and gardens.

Native Plant Identification and Wild Food Foraging

Embark on a captivating wild foraging adventure, whilst unveiling the wonders of plant identification in our local rainforests. Discover the enchanting realm of our unique local wild foods, while having fun and exploring. You'll gain proficiency in basic botanic terminology, identify diverse rainforest species, and discover plant families, as we learn the secrets of edible fruits, shoots, and roots. Let the exploration of nature's bounty commence!

Natural Building Introduction

9am to 3pm, Mullum, $255

Step into the fascinating world of working with natural building materials as you discover the versatility and beauty of straw bales, cob, mud bricks, and light earth. Learn the artistry behind these age-old techniques and uncover the boundless possibilities they offer for your next project. Let us inspire you to create sustainable, eco-friendly spaces that harmonise with the environment.

Natural Plant Dye and Shibori

Sat & Sun, 15 & 16 June
10am - 4pm, Mullum, $295

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of natural dyeing and Shibori techniques in this hands-on workshop. Explore the magic of extracting vibrant colours and intricate imprints from plants such as leaves, flowers, and roots. Learn various Shibori methods, including stitching, clamping, folding, twisting, and compressing, to create mesmerizing patterns on fabric. Unleash your creativity and discover the artistry of botanical dyeing with us! Additional materials $50.

Parlez Vous Francais

In this intermediate French conversation course, improve your conversational French through exploring topics with your peers whilst practicing questions and presenting your own view. Ideal if you want to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn more about our spoken language and French culture. Previous exposure to French speaking experiences and good basic grammar and vocabulary are essential for this interactive course.

Pattern Making for Beginners

Byron Bay, $295pp

This course is designed so that you will understand how to take measurements, apply them to a BODY BLOCK, then use this information for pattern alterations and to create better fitting clothes. We will also explore how to copy and make a pattern from an existing garment. This is a great course for those wanting to learn the basics.